Reduce privacy risk and enable data value

Managing privacy is an essential capability in modern organizations. We provide the tools and process to make sure data is compliant with privacy policies and can be used with confidence.

Reduce privacy risk and enable data value

Default to privacy

Privacy by design

Privacy by Design aims to proactively embed privacy into IT systems and business practices. With STRM you enable privacy by design, even in your existing landscape.

STRM work makes the team work

Collaborate on privacy

Managing privacy effectively requires multiple teams across legal, engineering and security to work together. STRM provides the tools to coordinate privacy and enable compliance and data usability in one go.

Principles and tools

Data contracts
Data minimisation
Purpose binding
Encrypt & anonymize

Data contracts define data through the privacy lens

Define data handling through the privacy lens with data contracts. Annotate what is sensitive or personal and which purposes enable the use of the data. And collaborate and approve data contracts before they are used in processing.

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