Data Security where it all starts

Data security starts with data. STRM provides the components to enable safe and fast data usage.

Data security

Say goodbye to data security and privacy risks

STRM reduces the risk and cost of data access and usage

Data value

Value from data without the headache

Secure and fast data usage without all the meetings.

STRMline your data operations

STRMline your data operations

Define, transform and use data without endless coordination between security, legal and data teams. From enforcing data retention to anonymisation pipelines, STRM helps to protect your data without sacrificing value.

Collaborate on privacy

Collaborate on privacy

Aligning security demands with stakeholders is a hassle, and slow. With STRM, compliance and usability go hand in hand. Discuss what data you need, decide what that means for privacy and security, and our platform does the rest: safe data, ready to use.


Data classification
Data retention
Data Subject Rights
Streaming or batch

Every use case is different. Pick the proper measures for yours

As many cases, as much context. Each context requires a different balance between data usability and privacy concerns. Properly aligning those two is a challenge. For instance, how do you remove personality from data? With STRM you just choose, from de-identification to k-anonymity.

Privacy from analytics to data sharing

Safely use data for different use cases and incorporate data checks. Rest assured that data is adequately de-identified or anonymized and used within purpose bounds.

Use cases

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Anonymiztion pipelines

Define continuous anonymization pipelines to feed into *any* process. Need any particular k-anonymity guarantees? We got you covered.

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Privacy-safe data analytics

Safely run analyses on privacy streams without endless discussions about usage and restrictions. File-based or in a data warehouse, whatever you fancy. We call it "Purpose Based Access Control.™

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Data sharing

Are you sharing data with external vendors, research parties, or other teams? Set up a continuous data exchange that honors every agreement you’ve made. Never have to worry that they see data they shouldn't.they shouldn't.

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Security and sensitive data

Data drives the detection of internal threats. Often, you can only use some of your data because of privacy constraints. With STRM, you can monitor all the data you need and only identify upon detection of a threat.

How it works

1. Collect data

1. Collect data

Encode data security

2. Collaborate

2. Collaborate

classify for security and privacy

3. Transform in-flight

3. Transform in-flight

apply policies to data automatically

4. Use data, safely

4. Use data, safely

with purpose-specific data streams

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